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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Closet Cosplay (or, return of the galaxy skirt)

I love dressing up. I'm one of those people who wishes that every party was a costume party. I've gone to parties as everything from a treasure chest to a thesaurus (I quite like dressing up as inanimate objects...) and I'll spend hours agonising over what I'm going to be. I like the escapism and meticulous creativity of dressing. I have a great deal of respect for people who spend months on cosplay projects ready for conventions, or LARPers who plan out these incredibly creative and authentic outfits for their games.

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy cosplay Unfortunately, I am not in a position to dress in outlandish costumes every day of my life - or perhaps I just don't have the balls! - But by way of compromise, I find great pleasure in infusing my everyday outfits with elements of characters, objects, people, or themes that inspire me. So I'm not dressing AS a particular thing, but I've put my outfit together with that thing in mind. It makes me feel powerful to have a secret to my outfit that nobody knows, and I also feel like I can take on the power of whatever I'm dressing as! It's a favourable arrangement.
galaxy outfit
Top: H&M
Skirt: TopShop (last year)
Necklace: Tatty Devine

This outfit is inspired by space. I get to crack out my galaxy skirt again, I get to wear my beautiful constellation necklace, and I get to carry around the (not very well hidden) secret that I am a space princess for the day. Getting dressed is a really empowering thing for me - I can choose what I wear and how I want to present myself, and that's really comforting when there are other aspects of my life in which I have much less control.

I challenge you to dress yourself with something particular in mind. Pick a theme and then look through your clothes to find something to suit it. The other day, my friend Tilly challenged me to dress as an aeroplane (because aeroplanes are my favourite!). I dressed with the textures and materials of an aeroplane cabin interior in mind - grey textured jumper, navy blue tights, a red plastic necklace. Nobody would know I had dressed as an aeroplane by looking at me, but I knew and that was awesome!