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Monday, 7 July 2014

What to wear... To the airport!

airport fashion ideas
When it comes to in-flight fashion, I like to keep it more functional than glamorous. You won't see me in high heels in Stansted airport, and I certainly don't own any celebrity sunglasses (although those can be very useful to hide bloodshot post-flight eyes if you're worried about them!)
That said, I like to be deliberate about all of my outfits and so I think very carefully about what I'm going to wear to the airport whenever I go abroad. For me, the holiday starts in the airport. Actually, I lie - for me, the holiday starts when I am packing my luggage! I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I LOVE flying...
Every detail about it, from making that initial list of what to pack and putting all my cosmetics in the tiny plastic bag, to waiting in that long queue to board the plane - you name it, I've probably got an unhealthy obsession with it...
In order to preserve my love of flying, I always make sure to wear something that is both ultra-comfortable and acceptable as an outdoor outfit. (Hey, if you're someone who wants to wear pyjamas on a plane, you go for it - I have nothing but respect for your commitment to comfort - I'm just not really a tracksuit bottoms kinda gal.)
carry-on fashion essentials
My utter holy grail item of clothing for flying is this pair of leggings with a built in skirt (or perhaps it is a skirt with built in leggings) from Yesstyle! I get all the comfort of a pair of leggings, with the assurance that I am not flashing my knickers. I paired the skeggings (please let that be what they are called!!) with a loose shirt to keep it casual and comfortable. Not pictured is my big slouchy cardigan, but trust me - layers are important when flying, especially with a budget airline.

So here are my pro tips for in-flight fashion: 
- Wear something stretchy and comfortable - no jeans and no corsets!
- Bring layers such as a snuggly cardigan or a light jacket. Nothing too heavy to carry around.
- Wear shoes that are easy to take off. Mine lace up but they are pretty low-fuss as shoes go. Often the security people want you to take your shoes off so they can scan them, and if you are wearing shoes that take ages to remove, that makes you and everyone else cross!
- Wear something that makes you feel human. Some people find flying (especially flying with budget airlines) very stressful, and even I admit that it can feel a bit like being herded like cattle from time to time. Wear a pretty hairband or a favourite top to remind yourself that you ARE on holiday!

cheesy travel pose
This is the first in a series of "what to wear" posts. If you have any burning desire for me to give you fashion advice or if you simply want to see what I'd wear in a scenario of your choice, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll dedicate a post to you!

P.S - I wrote this post ON THE PLANE. If that's not dedication to blogging, I don't know what is. And yes - I know that last photo is ridiculous. Who peruses their passport like a mail-order catalogue? Apparently I do.
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