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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bubbles for confetti - another wedding idea!

bubbles for confetti
I know that bubbles at weddings are really common these days - you just have to go into Paperchase and look at the incredible range of bubble mixtures in different shaped tiny little bottles. So I'm not claiming to be doing anything new or groundbreaking here. However, having tried out a bunch of these tiny, posh bubbles, I decided that I actually wanted to stick with the old skool bubble mixture bottles from my childhood and found a load on ebay.
They worked really well and loads of our guests had a great time blowing enormous bubbles as we walked back down the aisle after the ceremony, as well as throughout the night. There were a fair few kids at the wedding, and they really appreciated the bubbles too I think.
wedding bubbles
bubbles wedding party
We made sure everyone got their own bottle of bubble mixture so that they could take them home at the end of the night if they wanted to. Everyone loves a freebie! I recommend bubbles as a fun alternative to confetti that is MUCH easier to clean up, and looks really cool in photos. My one word of advice would be to have some kind of sign or little note on the programme to let guests know that the bubbles are in place of confetti because we did have a few people ask us where the confetti was, and some people didn't really understand what the bubble mixture was for - just a heads up!
All photos by Liz Wan, our incredible wedding photographer. She's such a legend, I can't even begin to express it.
Check out more posts about our wedding such as our button badges, and our mid-wedding costume change, or that time our wedding was featured on a proper wedding blog!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two Wedding Dresses – Why we had a costume change at our wedding! (And why you should too...)

wedding costume change

I remember when we were planning our wedding, seeing a lot of blog posts about weddings with multiple costume changes, with new dresses being revealed for first dances, cake cuttings, and wedding discos. This seemed excessive to me, and so I set to work trying to find a wedding dress that would take me from the very beginning of the day, right through to the (bitter?) end! This turned out to be really impractical for our needs, so I eventually decided to swallow my pride (almost wrote 'swallow my bride' there - oo-er!) and look into the idea of a costume change.

short blue wedding dress

Our wedding was always going to be a ‘wedding of two halves’, with the legal ceremony booked in the morning, and the rest of our guests arriving in the afternoon at a different location altogether. Because the legal ceremony was taking place in a room with a very small capacity, we kept it to family and wedding party only, and then had a more personalised ceremony in the afternoon with our friend James as the officiant, in front of everyone!

indie marriage ideas

On a practical level, it didn’t make sense for me to wear the same dress twice, with a hair appointment in the middle. So, I decided to have two dresses – one for the legal ceremony and one for the rest of the day. This allowed me to experiment with two very different wedding aesthetics (a kind of indie, boutiquey wedding aesthetic, and a much more traditional one) and make a variety of people happy as well as myself.

sparkly wedding shoes

And since I was having a costume change, Dan thought he’d have one too! Why not, eh? He opted for a casual (but very fancy) blue velvet jacket, and black jeans ensemble complete with bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie for the legal ceremony at the Town Hall, and then went for a full morning suit to go with my ivory bridal gown in the afternoon.

interesting wedding venue

My little blue cocktail dress was actually from Miss Selfridge, and I paired it with some white tights and a pair of amazing sparkly shoes by Red or Dead. The more traditional Ivory wedding dress was actually made especially for me by the mother of a dear friend. She has a website, and she makes amazing dresses and costumes. I chose the fabric and the pattern, and went for a couple of fittings to make it perfect. I had lots of compliments on both dresses and I’m really glad I got to have a traditional and less traditional side to my wedding experience.

alternative or traditional wedding

Would you have a costume change at your wedding? If you’re already married, did you change dresses at your wedding? I’ve totally warmed up to the idea since I did it myself, and to be honest, if you’ve got ten dresses you want to show off, why not change outfits mid ceremony – rip off your wedding dress to reveal a spangly jumpsuit or something. Why the heck not?

getting ready for wedding together

All photos in this post are courtesy of our amazing wedding photographer Liz Wan, who is the most incredible woman and talented artist. I’ve used her watermarked photos here because I lurve her. Basically…!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cute button badges at our wedding!

wedding button pins
We really wanted our wedding guests to have lots of little keepsakes and favours to take home from our wedding, and I loved the idea of button badges. When we were planning our wedding, people kept asking us if we were going to have our cat at the wedding, but we didn't think it would be very fun for our fluffy son, so we opted for badges of the cat!
>bearded wedding guest
There's my excellent stepdad, rocking the (step)father-of-the-bride boutonniere and cat-badge combo. He's just wearing one, but some of our guests collected all three of the different types!
blue bridal dress
Look, see! Bridesmaid Tilly (who takes lovely photographs by the way!) has the full set. She's even been known to wear them on her blazer since the wedding. Just to confuse you, I'm not actually wearing my wedding dress in that photo. I had a couple of costume changes...
I ordered these badges from weebadgers who were amazingly quick and professional, and whom I'd very much recommend. I'll definitely be going back to them next time I need badges. Because, let's face it. I'M GOING TO BE MAKING MORE BADGES.

All photos in this post were taken by the incredible Liz Wan

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Our Wedding on Far From the Wedding Crowd!

Hi all! Just a quick post to let you know that our wedding has been featured over at Far From the Wedding Crowd! We're super excited about it because that's a top notch, high quality wedding blog... What an honour! Also, now that it's been featured, I can write some blog posts over here about some of the details and DIY aspects.
sparklers and fireworks wedding photography
Credit for this amazing photo (and indeed ALL our beautiful wedding photos) goes to the incredibly talented and dedicated one-woman photography powerhouse that is Liz Wan.
So, hello new readers, who may have come here from the land of weddings! I hope you stick around! We've got a cute cat, and now an axolotl... And cake! Plenty of cake!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Whimsical Hen Party in Brighton

Like many people, I chose to have my Hen Party in Brighton. Unlike the vast majority of the hens to be seen in Brighton on a Saturday night, I grew up there, so I feel like my reasons for "henning" there may be somewhat more sentimental - perhaps I'm wrong.
Initially, I wasn't going to have a hen party. The idea of running about blind-drunk, with novelty penis items adorning my body isn't really my idea of a jolly day out. I might be wrong, but I think that a lot of the people who end up having hen parties like that are just doing it because it's the "done thing" rather than because they think penis-shaped deely boppers are the secret to festivity. That said, I have absolutely nothing against people who go all-out and have a traditional booze-up for their hen party - as long as that's what they want to do!

flowering tea in brighton
In case I hadn't already made it obvious, that sort of hen party isn't my cup of tea! I was incredibly lucky to have my perfect hen party organised by my whole group of bridesmaids! Oh, and I should mention, THE WHOLE THING WAS A SURPRISE. I mean, I knew there would be hen activities, but I had no idea what they'd be! We started the day with a beautiful afternoon tea at Metro Deco in Kemp Town, which is a part of Brighton. Each of us got to pick our own tea from an incredible list.
afternoon tea hen party brighton
Tilly looks particularly elegant as she pours her tea! We were then treated to what can only be described as a feast! There were tiny sandwiches, macarons, eclairs, and scones with clotted cream and jam...! The meal was rounded off with some Prosecco in vintage Babycham glasses.
afternoon tea girl brighton
I was overwhelmed with delight, as you can see. Our next stop was Queen's Park, where we had a picnic, despite vowing only half an hour earlier that we'd never be able to eat again after such an amazing cakefest. After our picnic, we had a quick game of croquet, overseen by Bridesmaid Eleanor (who is a very talented set and costume designer as you can see).
hen party picnic brighton
croquet hen party brighton
 photo croquetinbrighton_zpsfd115366.jpg
All the while, I was convinced that the day couldn't get any more perfect, which was pretty much as wrong as I could get! Once our game of croquet was finished (I can't remember who won!), we had a cocktail or two at The Mesmerist, a retro-cool bar/venue in central Brighton, before heading down to the beach for an epically whimsical hen party finalé!
sky lanterns on Brighton beach
sky lanterns on by the sea
We all wrote well wishes and good lucks on the lanterns before sending them off out to sea (no, we didn't burn anything down, we were very safe and sensible, before anyone asks!). It was a completely unbelievable day, and I can't believe how perfectly it went! Big thankyous and eternal gratitude go to Tilly, Eleanor, Emma W, Emma D (a couple of the photos in this post are actually from her camera!), Sharon, Michaela, and Bex for making it such a wonderful day!
sophisticated hen party brightonI'll leave you with this last photo taken by some friendly tourists on Brighton beach.
My Dress: Dorothy Perkins (Old)
Tights: H&M
Gold Shoes: Schuh (Old)
Michaela's Spotty Blue Dress: Vivien of Holloway

Monday, 8 July 2013

The First of Many Wedding Posts!

So, I'm officially a married woman now! Tomorrow, we're off to South Korea (and then Japan) for our honeymoon, but before we go, I'd like to share a little detail of our wedding - our RINGS!

Dan and I went to get them designed and hand made at a little jeweller in Cambridge, called Harriet Kelsall. We got our lovely engagement rings there, so we knew they'd be amazing, and we weren't disappointed! Our engagement rings match one another, and so we went for contrasting designs for our wedding rings. Here they are:
The rose gold one with a ruby is Dan's, and mine is the sapphire, topaz and diamond channel-set one. I am so happy with how they turned out, and I can't wait to wear mine for ever! The great thing about designing a ring yourself is that you know it'll be more-or-less unique, and you can also put a lot of sentimentality and emotion into the ring before it has even been made. We tried to be as creative as we could with everything about this wedding, and designing our own rings was a very special part of the wedding planning. The designers at Harriet Kelsall are really, super lovely too! (And nobody is paying me to say that, by the way!)

When the professional photographs are ready, I'll be sharing a lot of those, but if you are interested in seeing any sneak peaks in advance, search the hashtag, #dandysaur on instagram. We had a mega day!

Monday, 1 July 2013

I was a fashionable child...

Hi there, long time no speak! I've been up to my ears in work and wedding planning, and I've really missed blogging! As part of our wedding, we're having a photo wall, with pictures of ourselves as kids, and of our parents and grandparents too. It's going to be a fun thing to prepare the day before the wedding. Family members have been sending me an absolute truck load of amazing photos, so I thought I'd share a few with you.
new york child
fashion dungarees
red knee socks
I'm only showing you ones of me, because I haven't asked anyone else's permission to put their photo online, but I'm sure you'll agree that I was a very well-dressed child! Props to my mum and dad for dressing me in some excellent, tiny outfits. Also, props to the 90s for being such a hilarious decade for fashion!
I'll be back soon with some photos from my "hen party", and of course I will be posting plenty of wedding photos when the time comes! :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Update for you!

I've managed to collect an absolute tonne of photographs and things to write about, to the extent that it has all become rather overwhelming! I have a fair amount of inane news to share, so buckle up, and let's take a trip into Candy's exciting life!
Dan and I went back to Cambridge to his old college, for a May Ball. It was really nice to relive a slice of the old student life; quite possibly the best slice, if we're going to be honest! I wore a dress that I bought from Camden market, although I've seen similar dresses all over the place in cheap market-stall shops. My necklace is a family heirloom of sorts although I don't think it goes back particularly far. The matching earrings don't actually match the necklace at all; I bought them for my Dad's wedding back in 2007.

The dress was floor length but there aren't really any satisfactory pictures of my entire length! It sort of looks like I am indicating my ovaries in this photo!
I made this rainbow cake for my lovely friend Tara, and I also took lots of photos during the making process, so at some point, you can expect a tutorial of sorts! It weighed over 3kgs and I brought it all the way from London to Brighton in once piece (oh ho ho, cake humour).
Here's a sneaky peaky at our wedding venue! We've set a date, and so very soon I shall begin the flurry of sending save-the-date cards! Obviously, I am very excited, but there's still a ton to do!
On the day we visited our wedding venue, we also took a brief detour to Brighton where Dan and I both got new ear piercings at Punktured (my favourite piercing place, and the only one I will ever recommend to anyone! I've had four very joyful piercing experiences there!), and then had incredible cake at Marwood which has fast become one of my favourite coffee shops in Brighton, which is saying something!
Wonderful Tilly and I made some super saucy cherry pie for our Twin Peaks marathon, which was enjoyed by all. I am probably already ready for another Twin Peaks marathon... Let's not lie, I'm ALWAYS ready for a Twin Peaks marathon! Here's our pie in EXTREME CLOSEUP.

I also attended two weddings and celebrated a couple of birthdays. Tomorrow I am off down to Brighton for my gorgeous friend Eleanor's birthday, at which I shall dress up as Suzy Butler from Moonrise Kingdom, and then on Tuesday we are off to Paris for a little jaunt! I can't wait to discover some vintage shops and patisseries in Paris, as well as visiting some perfume houses. Eleanor is 'becoming a woman' and thus must choose her signature scent whilst we are away!

Toodle pip pip pop poop. x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

On my mind...

Just a collection of things on my mind recently:

- Our wedding. We've found a venue that we really, really want, and so I am starting to sense the beginnings of a Bridezilla this space!
- The fact that our adsense account got suspended. This has been a real spanner in the works of this blog, and I am hoping to get it all sorted out soon so I can get things back on track.
- Cleaning the flat: the blocked plughole edition. I think that I must moult more than the average human, as our plugs get blocked so quickly with all my hair! Our pipes are especially small, which doesn't help!
- Employment and lifegoals. I have an interview with a tutoring agency next Friday. I am looking forward to it although I am pretty nervous too. I really need to start earning some money soon.
- The blog. This one relates to the previous point about lifegoals really. I have purchased a domain name, and I am going to start to build a business involving writing, proof-reading, tutoring, and hopefully blogging. Things have got off to a shaky start, but these are things that I really want to do; I am determined to get back on the horse/wagon/thing-people-get-on.
- Travel. This is one of my biggest passions, and I miss being on an aeroplane more than I'd care to admit! I hope that one day I will be able to travel for work. Until then, I have a miniature trip to Paris coming up in August, followed by a visit to the 'rents in Brittany. I can't wait.

So those are a few things that have dominated my thoughts in the last few days. I am busy designing my website and at some point will be able to unveil it to you.