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Saturday, 1 March 2008


Well well well!

Just got back from seeing Reel Big Fish with Kim and Tash, and their siblings! I can safely say it was the best gig i have ever been to. the atmostphere was incredible, I was in the mosh pit for a while, and then someone whacked my rook piercing, and it started to bleed, so I went further back. (Yeah I am a sissy...) to be honest, the whole gig was a huge great big skanking session. If you don't know what skanking is, either go to a Ska gig, or look here!!! Unfortunately there was a huge man who decided to take his shirt off and sweat on everyone, but apart from that it was absolutely mind bogglingly incredible!!! Of course there were some Kodak moments:
and for everyone's benefit, a picture of Reel Big Fish:

They played lots of covers, such as Take On Me, and Sweet Child Of Mine. :))))) Anyway, i shall stop raving about them now! Other than that, there hasn't been much going on. I have been roped into being in a charity fashion show. I am going to be wearing an *ahem* lovely... baby pink prom dress. Hmm... That isn't really my style.

I have also learned a new term: "Theistic Evolutionist". To be a theistic evolutionist, you must believe in God, and also evolution at once. I presume that most religious people in the western world are theistic evolutionists?

that is enough for now. Herbal Tea.