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Monday, 14 March 2011

Une Liste

Salut encore, mes petits pois.

Tonight, I offer you a list. I am feeling bogged down with work and dissertation stuff, so I am going to write a list of things that make me happy, in an attempt to cheer mysef up. Let me know if any of your happy list things are the same as my happy list things!

- Candles wedged into the tops of wine bottles.
- Colour coded notes/folders.
- Having everything written into the calendar and into my diary.
- Shakespeare.
- The Royal Shakespeare Company.
- Pasta Salad.
- Having random heart-to-hearts with unexpected people.
- My baritone ukulele.
- Shoes.
- The fact that every surface in my room is covered with piles of books, and so is the floor.
- Saving pretty pictures onto my computer.
- Materialism.
- Getting things done.
- Washing myself.
- The Great Gatsby
- Rose perfume (I got Paul Smith's Rose for Christmas, from Dan's parents!)
- Apostrophes, and the correct usage thereof.
- Fairy lights.
- Cups of tea, pots of tea, mugs of tea.
- My cameras.
- Being told that my argument is "cogent".
- Feeling comfortable enough with a supervisor to say the word "strap-on" with utterly no context, or motive.
- Being looked after.
- Bunting.
- The sky.
- University Radio.
- Blossom.
- Post.
- Planning the future.

I might "treat" you to my ridiculously romanticised, idealised imaginings of the future, in another post, but for now, let me just leave you with a small peeve of mine. I'll be damned if I ever end a blog post on a positive note...

Etc. I use this little 'word' an awful lot. I also often see it used by others. However, it pains me to see people spelling it "Ect". I know, I know, when people say it fast, it sounds a bit like "Eksetra", and if that were the case, you might be forgiven, if you had never seen it written, to spell it "ecetra" or something similar. Perhaps you believe it to be a contraction of such a word as "ecetra". However, if that were the case, we would write it thus; ec't'. That's just not write. The fact of the matter is that when I see Etc. being bastardised into "Ect", I automatically assume that the person who is writing, is referring suddenly to Electro-Convulsive Therapy, a procedure for which the acronym ECT is used. In fact, when people say "Etc", they are saying "Et Cetera", which is a Latin term for "and so on". So, "etc" is literally, "Et" (and) followed by the "C" for "cetera". It is for this reason that we follow "etc." with a full stop. It is also often written &c. I do love the ampersand. That's another matter, for another post, I fear.

Night, etc. x

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A new beginning?

Here I am.

I think I have decided to come back. My livejournal will be there for a few purposes, but mainly I will be on here. I am an erratic poster, but there you go.

A new year has begun at university. Things aren't going so well, regarding friends and things. Academically, on the other hand, I have never been so happy.

I bought a big book about Byron the other day and it arrived yesterday. I seem to be drifting towards a dissertation topic on Byron. Possibly something to do with incest. We'll see.

Right now, I am listening to Polly Scattergood. I have listened to her self titled album about three times now, but this time is the first time I have really listened to the lyrics. They are scary. I don't know how I feel about what I am hearing, but it is disturbing me quite a lot. I have been sad recently, but I haven't been depressed for a while now, and I would really rather keep it that way!

It was my anniversary with Dan the other day. A whole year. We went out for sushi, but apart from that and presents, the day was just like any other; full of cuddles. I am disgustingly happy.

Things I have learned today:
  • There is a sexual position called the Lucky Pierre. I learned about this in one of my Practical Criticism lectures. The lecture was pretty embarrassed.
  • I should water my plants more.
  • The rain destroys lecture notes with impressive vigour.
And to finish, an out of context Shakespeare Quotation:

"I had rather be a kitten and cry 'mew!'"