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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Down two notches and they're putty in your hands...

Hello to my ten followers.

Tomorrow is my next Alternachick post day, I think. If not, I am posting anyway. A few days ago, I bit the bullet by the horns, and dyed my fringe pink. I have always wanted pink hair. I didn't really go the whole hog though, because I don't have the balls to bleach it. Still, in the sunlight, it is pretty darn pink. It might be fading though, we'll see. Tell me what you think tomorrow, I suppose, because that would be fairly awesome.

On the topic of awesome, I have decided, rather self deprecatingly, that I am not nearly awesome enough. I have decided to make it my mission to become more awesome. I am not entirely sure how this will manifest itself, but I just know that I need to become less of a doormat, and more of an interesting person. I intend to Blog More Frequently, in order to document my transition from ordinary person, to awesome being.

Today, the sky was angry but the light shining through my windows was golden. I looked everywhere for a hidden rainbow, but decided eventually that there was no need for one, because this amazing feeling of the clouds as a lid to some alarmingly large pot of gold, was more than sufficient to make my day. My flatmate James showed me Venus and Saturn in the sky this evening - the sky had cleared save for a haphazard collection of cumulus, and Venus was a pinprick in the lightest part of the sky. Seeing Venus on one side of me, and Saturn on the other side, just above the moon, was a strange experience. I haven't ever really felt that simultaneous feeling of insignificance and belonging, that people of faith tell me about. I think that tonight was as close as I have come to such a feeling.

See you tomorrow!