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Friday, 5 October 2012

My Autumn Goals!

Recently, I've been looking at beautiful Autumnal pictures on lots of American blogs. Usually, they depict pumpkin patches, hearty mugs of spiced "apple cider" (Or just "apple juice" to English people such as myself!) and plenty of crispy dried leaves. Whilst these are beautiful, they don't really depict my personal experience of Autumn, which looks more like this:



Which is dramatic, but not in a sunset maple leaf kind of way! London becomes miserable and rainy in the Autumn, and stays that way until the Spring. People get angrier, and fringes get plastered to furrowed brows by the wind and the rain. To combat this mood, I've decided to sample as many Autumnal treats as I can get my hands on! First on the list, was the most incredible toasted cheese sandwich (or "grilled cheese" as the Americans call it!)in London!


I bought this beauty from a stall in Borough Market, called Kappacasein. Borough Market has more delectable food stalls than I could hope to review on my blog, but this is definitely a good place to start. This sandwich was fairly expensive at £5, but it was more than worth it. Two slices of artisan bread encasing a mountain of cheese are pressed inside a large grill until the cheese starts to ooze from the sides. At this point, the person behind the stall opens the sandwich and scoops a generous helping of a finely chopped onions and herbs on, followed by even more cheese. This photo does not do justice to the amount of cheese involved in this sandwich. Finally, the extra cheese is allowed to melt, before the whole thing is wrapped in greaseproof paper and napkins.
I wandered along the Southbank, devouring this beauty. I can see why it has been featured on so many blogs before mine. It must be tasted to be believed! Borough Market is very close to London Bridge Station and can be reached via the 35 and 40 buses, among others.
Sampling sandwiches is not my only goal for this Autumn; there are others! Here's my list!

Candy's List of Autumn Goals!

- Get a job! Earn money! (Especially if I want to keep eating £5 sandwiches!)
- Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
- Decide how my novel is going to end.
- Write a good ol' portion of it.
- Get paid to make music.
- Start thinking about button pins for Robin!
- Write several blog posts every week!
- Send all the save-the-dates for the wedding.
- Volunteer at the library
- Re-read the first book in The Cornish Trilogy by Robertson Davies.

Music-wise, there's an Autumnal gig coming up as part of the Royal Horticultural Society's Harvest Festival. I'll be singing with Robin Grey, and there will be all sorts of fun Autumny activities including cider-tasting. (REAL cider, not just apple juice!) More info about this event is available here, but the more the merrier, so you should totes come!

To conclude, here's a picture of Hemingway, reclining in his lovely cute, Autumnal way.


So what are your Autumn Goals? x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

On my mind...

Just a collection of things on my mind recently:

- Our wedding. We've found a venue that we really, really want, and so I am starting to sense the beginnings of a Bridezilla this space!
- The fact that our adsense account got suspended. This has been a real spanner in the works of this blog, and I am hoping to get it all sorted out soon so I can get things back on track.
- Cleaning the flat: the blocked plughole edition. I think that I must moult more than the average human, as our plugs get blocked so quickly with all my hair! Our pipes are especially small, which doesn't help!
- Employment and lifegoals. I have an interview with a tutoring agency next Friday. I am looking forward to it although I am pretty nervous too. I really need to start earning some money soon.
- The blog. This one relates to the previous point about lifegoals really. I have purchased a domain name, and I am going to start to build a business involving writing, proof-reading, tutoring, and hopefully blogging. Things have got off to a shaky start, but these are things that I really want to do; I am determined to get back on the horse/wagon/thing-people-get-on.
- Travel. This is one of my biggest passions, and I miss being on an aeroplane more than I'd care to admit! I hope that one day I will be able to travel for work. Until then, I have a miniature trip to Paris coming up in August, followed by a visit to the 'rents in Brittany. I can't wait.

So those are a few things that have dominated my thoughts in the last few days. I am busy designing my website and at some point will be able to unveil it to you.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

It's the Final Countdown...

I swear I have given that title to a blog post before. I was so struck with this feeling, that I went through all of the blog posts, and checked their titles. I couldn't SEE one with this title, but I think that I might have just missed it somehow.

The day after tomorrow, I move all of my stuff from Dan's family's house, to my room at Fitz. I am very excited about my new room, but that's about all I am excited about, regarding the next year. I realise that I waxed hysterical about this in my last blog post, but it is all I am really thinking about at the moment.

You know that time, every year (usually around August, September, just as the leaves begin to change colour slightly, and the air gets its first chill), when you start to think about the academic year to come? I certainly do anyway. Every year, it is the same, as I vow that it will be different. I promise myself that this year, I will finally be popular (my 13 year old self was absolutely blind to the fact that she was a very popular little girl), or that this year I will read more books relating to my studies, or that this year I will wear my hair in more interesting ways... It always seems to fall apart by the second or third day of term, where I glumly scold myself that of course I can't change who I am. I am doomed to be this way forever. But I never learn.

I suppose that normal people have this feeling around January the third, but not me. I seem to work by academic years. I suppose, given my career choice, I always will. I have a crystal clear image of myself, aged thirty, writing names into a mark book, and thinking, "This year, I will get all of my marking done on time, and I will colour code my comments on the kids' work, and I will make sure that I use more powerpoint (if it isn't obsolete by then), and I will read more books..."

So what am I thinking this year? What are my proposed (ridiculously far-fetched) self-improvements this year? My 'New Year's Resolutions' if you will?

  • Don't spend as much time on the internet
  • Read more (replace useless internet time with useFUL reading time)
  • Work in the library
  • Get my essays done before 'essay crisis night'
  • Cook for everyone and make them think I am a superawesome cook
  • Pluck my goddamn eyebrows more often.
  • File my work more neatly
  • Go to more lectures
  • Make better lecture notes.
  • Do more exercise
  • Eat more healthily

I am le tired.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

What do I want to be?

Have been told that I already AM all of the things that I wish I could be but that I just can't see it. Obviously, I think people are wrong. But I spend so much of my time wanting to be things, or wanting to be a certain way. I also find it incredibly difficult to decipher what I AM... What makes a person THEM? Some people seem to be so sure about who they are and what they stand for. I don't think that it is that straightforward.

Things I want to be... now, and in the near future.
  • A member of the College Chapel Choir. [Check]
  • An illustrator for The Cambridge Student. [Sort of Check, although haven't actually started yet, and I want it to be part of my identity]
  • Beautiful. I know it is all subjective... but I do wish I were beautiful.
  • Funny. I do a lot for laughs, because it makes me feel like ME and I don't often get a "me" feeling.
  • Musical. And known for it.
  • Liked. [check. I think. I have such a desire to be someone whom people can turn to, and also who can be laughed with and so on.]
  • A legend. Ha, how egocentric. (at least I am honest)
  • Someone with Youtube fame. [Check....ish. One of my videos has around 31,000 views, but I am always hungering for more celebrity. How tragic. Oh well. here is the link... CLICK! ]
  • Someone with style. I love wearing clothes. I love making outfits up in my head, and searching for all of the items. Gosh, this blog is so ME ME ME. But yeah...
  • Clever. I am never going to be the best at being clever. Because I am at Cambridge, and there are so many people here who are incredible. But I would like to get a good degree pleeeeease!!
  • creative [check. i suppose. I always paint, draw, sew, knit, make, etc etc.]

So there we go. Another list one. But nobody really reads this Blog anyway. I would be really interested to know if you HAVE read one of my posts, so please comment if you have. I do like to know if I have an audience. :)

I suppose before I end this, I might make a short, and rather incoherent list of things I want from the future...

  • A family. Yes, I want to be a mother.
  • A home. Yes, I would absolutely revel in making a home glorious, and beautiful, full of art, and music and happiness.
  • Fame. I have a problem in that I can't bear the thought of leaving this world without having left something of note behind me, so that I can be remembered forever...
  • To be beautiful. I don't know why looks are so important to me... I don't care about other people's! And to look at me, you wouldn't think I cared about my own. To some degree I don't, as I know there is no hope...

So... Yeah.