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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two Wedding Dresses – Why we had a costume change at our wedding! (And why you should too...)

wedding costume change

I remember when we were planning our wedding, seeing a lot of blog posts about weddings with multiple costume changes, with new dresses being revealed for first dances, cake cuttings, and wedding discos. This seemed excessive to me, and so I set to work trying to find a wedding dress that would take me from the very beginning of the day, right through to the (bitter?) end! This turned out to be really impractical for our needs, so I eventually decided to swallow my pride (almost wrote 'swallow my bride' there - oo-er!) and look into the idea of a costume change.

short blue wedding dress

Our wedding was always going to be a ‘wedding of two halves’, with the legal ceremony booked in the morning, and the rest of our guests arriving in the afternoon at a different location altogether. Because the legal ceremony was taking place in a room with a very small capacity, we kept it to family and wedding party only, and then had a more personalised ceremony in the afternoon with our friend James as the officiant, in front of everyone!

indie marriage ideas

On a practical level, it didn’t make sense for me to wear the same dress twice, with a hair appointment in the middle. So, I decided to have two dresses – one for the legal ceremony and one for the rest of the day. This allowed me to experiment with two very different wedding aesthetics (a kind of indie, boutiquey wedding aesthetic, and a much more traditional one) and make a variety of people happy as well as myself.

sparkly wedding shoes

And since I was having a costume change, Dan thought he’d have one too! Why not, eh? He opted for a casual (but very fancy) blue velvet jacket, and black jeans ensemble complete with bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie for the legal ceremony at the Town Hall, and then went for a full morning suit to go with my ivory bridal gown in the afternoon.

interesting wedding venue

My little blue cocktail dress was actually from Miss Selfridge, and I paired it with some white tights and a pair of amazing sparkly shoes by Red or Dead. The more traditional Ivory wedding dress was actually made especially for me by the mother of a dear friend. She has a website, and she makes amazing dresses and costumes. I chose the fabric and the pattern, and went for a couple of fittings to make it perfect. I had lots of compliments on both dresses and I’m really glad I got to have a traditional and less traditional side to my wedding experience.

alternative or traditional wedding

Would you have a costume change at your wedding? If you’re already married, did you change dresses at your wedding? I’ve totally warmed up to the idea since I did it myself, and to be honest, if you’ve got ten dresses you want to show off, why not change outfits mid ceremony – rip off your wedding dress to reveal a spangly jumpsuit or something. Why the heck not?

getting ready for wedding together

All photos in this post are courtesy of our amazing wedding photographer Liz Wan, who is the most incredible woman and talented artist. I’ve used her watermarked photos here because I lurve her. Basically…!