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So I hear you're new to this whole "Owl Girl" deal, huh? Why not click the images below to take a peek at some of my most popular blog posts to date. It'll be fun!

layered rainbow cake
Learn to make rainbow cake
Take a look at the epic layered rainbow cake I made for my friend Tara's birthday, and learn how to make your own!

crochet ideas
Crafting through anxiety and depression
Read about my struggles with anxiety and depression and find out how I've used craft and creativity to give me headspace and peace of mind.

best gelato in London
Five of the best ice creams in London
Find out where to get your gelato fix in London in this bumper list blog post approved by Estée of Essiebutton!! (Still excited that she tweeted my blog post, what can I say?!)

blackbird tea rooms
My review of the Blackbird Tea Rooms in Brighton
I went to this delightful tea room and loved it so much, I had to blog about it! I've also blogged about lots of other amazing cafes around the UK.

windy skirt fashion
What to wear when it's windy
Still unsure why this is one of my most popular blog posts, but I get a lot of traffic from google searches for "girls wearing skirts in the wind" so I imagine people are disappointed when they actually visit my blog from that one...

strawberry basil cocktails
How to make strawberry and basil cocktails
Try my recipe for a delicious strawberry and basil syrup to use in cocktails or soft drinks, and stay tuned for more drinks recipes from my new kitchen!

city break packing
What to pack for a short city break
Check out my top packing tips for a mini break where you can only take hand-luggage onto the plane. This is part of a series from our trip to Oslo.

wedding costume change
Our wedding costume change
Read about why my husband and I chose to have two different wedding outfits when we got married, and find out if a mid-wedding costume change is for you!