Saturday, 2 April 2011

Party Cat.

I am going to a birthday party tonight. I am rather excited to see some people outside of this house, lovely though it is to be here. I haven't decided what to wear yet, but that's half of the fun. Getting ready to go out is definitely part of the joy of leaving the house!

When I feel like procrastinating, I often sit and look through old photos and artefacts from my childhood. I am an obsessive hoarder, and I find it difficult to throw anything away. All of my little treasures and letters used to be catalogued in different boxes according to sentimentality and sender, but my mother moved them into different boxed when I moved out. I have salvaged some of them recently, and can't wait to recatalogue them. I have grand designs of an autobiography/memoir in artefacts... Which is rather self-centred of me. Below is a photo of my Dad holdng me, when I was a little baby. Look at my little round head!

See you soon!

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