Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Third Day Running.

Last night, I went to Stratford upon Avon with my seminar group for the Shakespeare in Performance module that I am taking this year. I don't get on with anyone in my seminar group particularly well, save for the lad who is on my course, AND at my particular college. He has his car with him at university (highly illegal, and punishable by flogging and public degradation), so normally he drives us both to the seminar. He couldn't go to the play, so I was doomed to take the minibus with the rest of my seminar 'comrades'. They aren't all that bad, I am just peculiarly shy around some people. It seems completely arbitrary, which people I will be bright and bubbly with, and which people will make me recoil in social terror.
I sat next to a boy on the coach who had bought some skin-tight white jeans at the recent RSC costume sale, but as soon as we arrived in Stratford, everyone disappeared. Perhaps my fear repelled them. Maybe they could sense my distaste at their pretentious thespian ways. The outcome of this was that I was doomed to roam the streets of Stratford alone, and to eat my pasta salad on a bench opposite the birthplace of Shakespeare in the freezing cold, whilst the rest of them ate hot, steaming piles of delicious, soggy chips in an establishment that caused me to salivate like a dog when its aroma met my nose (a good couple of minutes before I could see the place).
The performance itself was fantastic. The woman who played Cleopatra was spot on, the perfect mix of heightened sexuality, and childish petulance, whilst Antony was a sordid, groping needy excuse for a man. My seminar comrades complained that they couldn't see the couple's "chemistry", but I thought that it was glaringly obvious. Perhaps I am naive. The production was in modern dress, but with a really polished edge. The characters were definitely 'in costume', rather than looking like they just turned up in mufty. I wish I could have seen Romeo and Juliet too, as that play is also being staged in Stratford at the moment.

Today has been long and stressful, with several unfortunate mishaps such as my computer falling victim to a particularly nasty virus, making me unable to hand in an essay for which I am being supervised tomorrow. Time to go bedwards, and see what tomorrow may bring (apart from an embarrassing and awkward supervision).

Nacht. x

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