Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Of late birthdays and essays...


Lastnight, I had a late birthday party. 24 of us went to Carluccio's to have a meal and then went to a nasty pub for a drink. The nice pubs were all full, presumably because they are nice, so we ended up in a grothole called The Bathouse, or Bath House or something. It smelled of wee in there. The meal however, did not smell of wee, and for that I was grateful. Overjoyed if you will. I had some sort of spicy pasta, and some icecream. I should have had the ravioli though, because I tried Dan's and it was nicer. E said to me that she had the ravioli "so that she could be just like Bella Swan". It was said in jest though, I assure you. With possible hints of truth. Who knows. Who knows...

I have decided this term to become more dedicated to my ballet classes. I am doing the show this term. Last term I slacked off a bit because I was ill and lazy, but I have had some sudden inspiration. It seemed to come with the satisfying post-class agony I experience in the thighs. I really like it, for some reason. I have decided to stick at it. Maybe one day I will be allowed en pointe, if I carry on after university. It is a long held pipe dream of mine. I quit ballet when I was six, because my friend Grace quit and I wanted to do everything that Grace did. Hmm.

Needless to say, I have been researching everything I can about ballet on the internet, as I usually do when I get into one of my fads. I am needlessly excited. Only problem is, the teacher wants us to start wearing the proper uniform to lessons from now on, and I am super embarrassed in the pink tights. I haven't shaved/waxed my legs since June. I guess I had better get down to removing my extra winter fur layer soon then.

Oooh more excitement is that I am hopefully replacing my very very worn out ibook G4 with a snazzy little netbook. They are so ridiculously cute. I sound silly, getting all squee about a small computer, but the little Dell Minis make me want to urinate with excitement.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My New Style Icon

I have a new style/life icon in the 1920s-30s actress, Clara Bow. I spent all of last night on youtube and google images, devouring every picture and video of her that I could find. Here is the first video I found. I was idly typing words into the youtube searchbar as one does, and stumbled across this under a search for "navy"...

I especially like her because she was phobic of microphones, which I find adorable, and also because she was ginger... Like me!

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well, I haven't had the best day really, but something exciting has occurred. Today, it was my first post on the a fashion blog, which can be found here so please check it out, if you read this blog.

I have been mostly failing at my work today, and so I am pretty depressed. I don't really want to write about it here though, because I don't understand it myself really. It isn't to do with the work per se, but that isn't helping much.

To cheer me up, and also as an excuse to take photos for the Alternachick blog, Dan and I went for a walk. Here are a few of the photos from the walk (you can see more on Alternachick:
So there.
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