Monday, 7 December 2009

Back Home.

Well. Sort of.

I don't really have a fixed 'Home' at the moment, because I am hovering between my boyfriend's house, my mum's house, my dad's house (which is in France), and University. It is really tiring, and I can't wait to be somewhere where I can FINALLY put my feet up and be totally myself. I mean, I can be myself at university, but then there is the worrying about nobody washing up and clearing away their stuff...

Ah well. Term is over, and it is now time for a very busy Christmas holiday, which is how I like them.This is our group of friends on one of the rare moments we could all spend together, having an impromptu 'drag night'. We put makeup on all the guys, and drew facial hair on all of the girls.

It was fun to all let our hair down. This term has been stressful.