Monday, 7 December 2009

Back Home.

Well. Sort of.

I don't really have a fixed 'Home' at the moment, because I am hovering between my boyfriend's house, my mum's house, my dad's house (which is in France), and University. It is really tiring, and I can't wait to be somewhere where I can FINALLY put my feet up and be totally myself. I mean, I can be myself at university, but then there is the worrying about nobody washing up and clearing away their stuff...

Ah well. Term is over, and it is now time for a very busy Christmas holiday, which is how I like them.This is our group of friends on one of the rare moments we could all spend together, having an impromptu 'drag night'. We put makeup on all the guys, and drew facial hair on all of the girls.

It was fun to all let our hair down. This term has been stressful.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A new beginning?

Here I am.

I think I have decided to come back. My livejournal will be there for a few purposes, but mainly I will be on here. I am an erratic poster, but there you go.

A new year has begun at university. Things aren't going so well, regarding friends and things. Academically, on the other hand, I have never been so happy.

I bought a big book about Byron the other day and it arrived yesterday. I seem to be drifting towards a dissertation topic on Byron. Possibly something to do with incest. We'll see.

Right now, I am listening to Polly Scattergood. I have listened to her self titled album about three times now, but this time is the first time I have really listened to the lyrics. They are scary. I don't know how I feel about what I am hearing, but it is disturbing me quite a lot. I have been sad recently, but I haven't been depressed for a while now, and I would really rather keep it that way!

It was my anniversary with Dan the other day. A whole year. We went out for sushi, but apart from that and presents, the day was just like any other; full of cuddles. I am disgustingly happy.

Things I have learned today:
  • There is a sexual position called the Lucky Pierre. I learned about this in one of my Practical Criticism lectures. The lecture was pretty embarrassed.
  • I should water my plants more.
  • The rain destroys lecture notes with impressive vigour.
And to finish, an out of context Shakespeare Quotation:

"I had rather be a kitten and cry 'mew!'"

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shall I...?

I migrated to livejournal.
I know.
But I didn't like it.
Shall I come back?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Exams are OVERR!

Wow, so I have finally finished, and guess what - I still can't shake the guilty feeling, when I am browsing the internet, that I should be doing something more constructive... I combat this witht he "constructive" activity of internet shopping.

I have bought a second hand Randoseru:

The Deschanel Dress from Modcloth:

A name necklace from ""

And a hello kitty rice cooker from ""...

I sound like a big japanophile, don't I...

Emma and I are going to make a joint purchase from Hannah Zakari. I needed a gold sort of necklace to go with my green dress for the Emmanuel May Ball. So I chose this one, with Emma's help:

I also purchased a block of Caca Rouge from Lush, and on Sunday, after a day spent helping to paint Dan's old warhammer, Dan is going to help paint my hair! Yay!

In other news, for the first time in forever, I managed to get a bra that fits. Good lord! Wow, I have spent lots of money... I don't even want to mention the DS that I bought for Dan...


Ah, PS - I have discovered a wonderful blogger! She writes about fashion, and posts LOTS of lovely pictures of herself, and of clothes!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


So, it is exams...

And so the only thing I can think about is a list of things I WANT!!!

Here is a list. Hahahaha materialistic...

  • Bonsai Tree! I really want a bonsai tree, because we aren't allowed pets at uni, and a bonsai tree is a bit like a pet because it is small and cute and you have to look after it!
  • iPod Nano. I am so annoyed with my broken silver shuffle. It is really irritating not to be able to choose music, and plus it is all dented and old. But can't decide which colour I like best! Anything but silver or black really.
  • Bento Box. For some reason I have become quietly obsessed with Bento culture, and have been trawling JBox for Bentos that I like. They are so cute, and such fun! All the little accessories are adorable too
  • Holga camera. My photography obsession is getting slightly out of hand, although I failed the 366 project after a measly 12 days... The problem was the day I was working all day, so couldn't take a picture, and then I got really drunk playing the Eurovision drinking game in the evening, and didn't take a picture then either... Fail.
  • Kitten. But that's just not happening until Dan and I leave uni.

My exams are over on Tuesday, but it is Hebrew which is the worst exam in the whole world. I have got Dan a really exciting present for his after Exams treat. When Ben and Emma saw it, they went crazy! Ben turned into Samuel L Jackson, and Emma was like "you are the best girlfriend in the world!!!" I was happy. I am not telling what it is though, in case Dan reads this. Even though he knows what it is really... :)

So far, the exams have been variable. The Old Testament module was okay, although having stood around in the rain for ages waiting for a taxi that never came, to take me to the exam that morning, I was very damp all the way through the exam. Sociology was okay too, but I did talk about Garlic at one point which was wholly irrelevant. Philosophy was crap crap crap. St Anselm of Canterbury can go fuck himself. GARRRR! So just Hebrew to go. i know that Hebrew will drag my grade down mightily. I should be revising now. But apparently I am not. Oh heck.

Things to look forward to after the exams include:
  • Music society Garden party. Am singing at this, and hopefully Tilly can come!!
  • Emmanuel College May ball. My dress is epic, and it should be an awesome night.
  • Trinity Hall June Event. Ooh I need a dress for that! I want some sort of sparkly cocktail dress... Hmm.. OH GOD MATERIALISM!
  • Cheese Party. I am planning to have a cheese party with my new Raclette (my dad got it for €3 at a car boot sale in France), and baked Camembert, and cheese on crackers.
  • Going home with Dan to get all his Warhammer, and having a warhammer painting day with the lads (and Emma). Recently all of my friends of the penis-wielding persuasion have got back into their teenage obsessions with Warhammer. The painting looks really quite fun actually!
  • Making Sushi with Dan. We are a bit Sushi mad at the moment.
  • Going to France to see my Dad with Dan. Hurrah!
Just need to get a job...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yesterday, I went to counselling... Everyone has been trying to make me go, for years. I eventually relented when I cried in the doctor, and she told me to get in touch witht eh university counselling service.

So I did...

And I went to the place yesterday. I talked to the man for a long time, about everything. Basically an overview of every bad thing that has ever happened to me since I was about six. That was fun. Anyway, he concluded the meeting by telling me that I should go to my doctor and ask her about antidepressants, because apparently I am depressed.

Which I don't really know what to think about...

All I really want is to be normal, and not crazy. But then I think about how horrid it would be to have no personality at all, and be like all those people I hated at school. It is a lose-lose at this point.

Lastnight, things looked up somewhat, when a group of us dressed as french revolutionaries, and stormed our friend Freckers' room, and re-enacted the revolution. I threw a sack of onions at him. Dan was dressed as a french prostitute. And after all of the craziness had subsided, we realised that James wasn't wearing any trousers...


Monday, 4 May 2009

Wow, erratic.

I am so erratic at posting in this thing. I have even been unfaithful, and strayed to, because at least people follow me there. I was even thinking about getting a livejournal at one point, and then I was assured that having a blogspot was marginally more respectable...

oh good lord, I should really be writing, "why can't everyone get along so we can stop wars and stuff" but yeah. I appear to be a horrible person.

Today was up and down, to be honest. Started off terrible with Philosophy and Hebrew lectures back to back. Wonderful. My two least favourite subjects. Anywayyyyy, then things began to look up, as I spent a good couple of hours in a cafe on Kings Parade called Benets drinking the most incredible mocha I have ever experienced, and eating (yes, eating!!) a goat's cheese panini. It was heavenly. I have been calorifically okay today, I think. Although I am still thinking about food things too much. Dan came to the cafe, and he had a mocha too. We discussed stuff about how other couples don't seem to want to think about the future as much as us. We like to discuss our future together...

Then went back to Fitz for a JMA (Student union) meeting, where the welfare officer decided that it would be a great idea to make me as small as possible, and belittle all of the work I have done for the Women's Celebration board. She told me that when she was showing people around on the open day, she felt embarrassed about it, and that it was ugly and shameful. I pointed out that she didn't offer me any help with it whatsoever, and that I received next to no help from anyone. I don't have the money to fund it on my own either, and everyone has been unhelpful. What's more, it is a work in progress. I started to cry. In front of the whole JMA. They are all those really confident, inherently cool people who I spent a lot of time avoiding/revering at school, and thought I would get away from at uni. At the end of the meeting, I ran back to my room, very quickly.

Then R, the JMA president knocked really softly at my door. She had run after me! She is a second year English student, which is HOPEFULLY what I will be next year. She was really nice and supportive. I wanted to tell her about everything. I sort of did, but I left some things out. I kind of wish I hadn't though. Anyway, she told me that I was a good person, and said that she was my friend. I can't believe that having a "bigger girl" say that I am her friend makes me so happy, even now I am at university! I feel like a 13 year old again! Oh lor...

I have so much to write. I won't leave as long in between posts again. I just wish someone would give a damn about my posts, and comment them!!! This is the appeal of LJ. Hmmm.