Thursday, 17 January 2008


Well, I had to go back to Cambridge because I got pooled. So I had interviews at Fitzwilliam, and New Hall, and I got an AAA offer from Fitz! So now it is all go on the studying front.

I have decided to try to stay on top of my work, and do at least ONE piece extra a week. This is proving to be a lot of hard work, and at the moment, I am not getting on with my teachers very well. I don't know why, but none of them seem to like me. This has become the bane of my life, and I have found myself scared to talk in lessons because I am scared to be condemned.

Things I am angry about:
  • "Booty Luv" - I don't know what this is? what does it MEAN!? the whole concept worries and upsets me. I think it is a band name?
  • Talent not being recognised. And equally, people who don't have talent, getting the big breaks in life.
  • Not having money.
  • The idea of a celebrity "endorsing" something, and the way everyone goes MAD for that something. For example, Kate Moss has a perfume range out, and people are buying it because it is Kate Moss. Having said that, I bet I will like it, when I smell it.
  • Internet Illiteracy. Someone said to me today that "Adults are the immigrants, and Children are the natives [in today's society]" and perhaps that is the case. But ignorance makes me cross.
  • People who say "Elgar is all about patriotism." If you have heard his THIRD SYMPHONY (although he only wrote the sketches for this, and it was completed by some other guy) then you would think otherwise. It is PURE sex, in musical form. There is this AMAZING violin motif at the beginning of one of the movements... och!
I don't really know why I still keep this blog. I know nobody reads it. I don't know why I would WANT anyone to either though. Just a thought.

I have begun a dream diary. I usually have these really epic dreams. They often involve places from my youth, and inventions. I love them, they are really interesting, and I especially like it when things make total sense in the dream, but when you wake up, and re-think, it is totally random! Anyway, since I have been keeping this diary, I have only been able to remember fragments of my dreams. It's better than nothing though, and at least they are fragments I can always remember now.

I never ended up seeing 'Les Chansons D'Amour', but I still really want to. My legendary friend Vita says it is "really weird, with loads of lesbians..." HA!

It has just occurred to me that I am really not pretty enough to model. I have never wanted to, but I really wish that I was one of those people who was off-beat in a sexy way. Or a style icon, or really beautiful. I know a few people like that, particularly Hannah, and Becca. And I need to sort out my arm flab...

Gosh this has been such a negative post. I promise a more positive one soon!

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