Wednesday, 12 December 2007


wow, things are really hotting up at college.

there are two more days left of term, and everyone is very very stressed out. the upper sixth always write a sixth-form entertainment, parodying all of the teachers, and the school in general, for the last day of term, and so dutifully, we spent the last few weeks writing it, only to find today that it has been heavily censored.

tension is running high.

i have been away at my cambridge interviews, on monday and tuesday, so today was my first day back. i met some amazing people, and had some really interesting debates with fellow undergraduate interviewees about the terror limit (there was a right winger who was against, and a leftie who was pro! i was sat in the middle of them enjoying the debate washing over me!), and of course there was the whole Richard Dawkins debate. I think that everyone should at least look him up if they can't read some of his work. he is certainly fascinating to debate about!

anyway, the interviews themselves were actually quite interesting! i got asked some tricky questions such as:

Christians have been made to feel like they must apologise for the crusades. Do you think that modern Muslims have anything to learn from this?

so, that was quite a difficult one! everyone seemed nice though.

nice, what a word. but sometimes it is the only word that will do! i don't know if anyone else finds that, but some things are just nice.

in my next post i will start to attach photos and things like that! so there is something to look forward to. my band had a photoshoot today. i make it sound so glamorous! but really it was us in a basement with our friend Kathryn taking photos of us in togas against a tin foil backdrop! still, if she has sent them to me, i will upload some!

the band has some pretty cool songs. we just wrote one called 'Sinister Ears'

anyway, that is enough for now; i have a really horrible, big essay on sylvia plath in for tomorrow!

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