Friday, 7 December 2007

First Post

right, well...

i have always been wary of getting a blog, because i have kept a diary since i was eight, and i didn't want to stop writing in it. and i haven't written in it for a long time, come to think of it. i really should.

i was considering doing the whole videoblog vlogging thing, but it seemed like so much hassle, and also everyone would hear my voice, and see my glasses, and so on. i like to keep the air of mystery alive. haha!

the main reasons i have started this are as follows:

  1. it is late at night
  2. i have this weird sort of dream of becoming an internet sensation.
  3. i want to share my weirdness with the world in an odd sort of way... if i can keep this up, then you will soon discover what i mean!
i have been wanting to write a story for a while now. i mean, i have had all of these ideas in my head, which i have really wanted to exist... a parallel world, almost. and it occurred to me that the only way they could ever exist was if i wrote them down in some sort of narrative format!

i don't want to go on too much in the first ever post, because i don't want to put everyone off!

i also like making lists, so here are some things. in a list format:

  1. i rarely use capital letters when i am typing. sorry if this confuses people.
  2. i adore music. classical, rock, indie, pop music from the sixties and seventies...
  3. A-levels are stressing me out big time!
  4. i watch a lot of films, when i am trying not to do schoolwork.
Bon Nuit, everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Mine was started in the afternoon of reading week as an experiment, and is now a year and a half old. Have fun with it.